What Kind of Digital Camera Shopper Are You?

If you want to buy the best digital camera for you, that doesn’t cost much but still does everything you need from it, first find out what you’ll be using it for. To help you, take a look at the profiles below and see if you belong to one of them.


The snapshooter will be the one that needs photos that he can send to family and friends, upload online or print them in small photos. His camera will be very easy to use, so that anyone in the family can take photos with it, and the photos will be printed on a printer that is cheap.

While the resolution of the camera is not that important, the controls must be automatic, it needs to have some kind of storage media that can be changed, and the price shouldn’t be over $300. Taking some low quality videos with sound is a plus.


I want the latest digital cameras with the best possible features. I will show them off to my friends, bragging about what they can do, as long as the camera isn’t difficult to use. While price is important, it’s not the most important concern.

Such a camera costs up to $1000, has at least 8 megapixels in resolution, has the ability to connect to a TV and can make videos at high resolution, complete with zoom and sound.

Business user

A business user will have to take photos of products, people and the office, good enough that they can be used in ads or posted on the official site. They need to look very good, like taken by a pro. The resolution needs to be good enough to get big prints based on the photos.

An amateur that is serious

This type of user will need the ability to manipulate photos, add effects to them and control the process of taking a photo in more detail, plus the possibility of creating big prints based on the photo he takes.

Budget buyers

This type of buyer will look at the price first, so the camera should be under $200. The photos will probably be uploaded on the Internet, printed small or sent to family and friends. It needs to be a camera that is easy to use and will work for at least 2-3 years.