Top Five Tips on How to Score Super Low Rise Jeans Like a Pro!

It’s no secret that super low rise jeans are super hot and even the male gender are wearing them now. These jeans gained popularity in the 60s in particular for dance and hip hop and also in the 90s and now of course the 2010s. These jeans are cut much lower around the waist at approx 3 inches (approx 8 centimetres) below the belly button. So lets look into what you must know when buying a cute pair of low hipster jeans. Here are 5 easy tips.

Jeans, Rise and your Hips

Double check the hipster jeans flow around your mid section. This is the first and most important step as fit shouldn’t have to go without comfort. You don’t want to be the laughing stock wearing jeans that don’t sit right so see what works with your body type. The mirror is your friend when it comes to checking your sides and back. Also select a brand that fits your frame. And remember there is the option to get the waist altered when you have problems in fitting those super low rise jeans.

Quality beats Quantity

Value quality when going for low rise denim. You can have one pair of better quality super low rise jeans rather than three pairs of jeans that are low quality and cannot be worn in the long run. Forking out the money on quality jeans is therefore the better long-term investment. They can be in good condition for years. You may want to try them on before committing, although online malls have become easier in terms of exchange. A good way to understand quality is by looking at the number of stitches per inch. Quality jeans exhibit 11 to 12 stitches per inch. A very high stitch count one that is around as high as it gets. This ensures stronger jeans, more durable, and less likely to tear at the hem. And last but not least take a good look at the wash and be sure it doesn’t look cheap.

What do we need to know about super low rise jeans styles!

Styles are high on the check list. Everyone can be trendy and have the guts to show who you really are. I believe people can be pro shoppers in their own way but there are exceptions. The fact is not all good looking clothes look good on you. So be sure the look enhances your style. It can be risky trying to wear clothes that don’t go with your style but don’t be afraid to try and let the look tell you. Hot trend right now which work really well with the low rise are ripped jeans and tatoo like embroidery. Go search for them you’ll see what I mean. Not so keen on boyfriend jeans, they’re too loose and don’t go well with the sexy look we’re going for here.

Here’s one situation where size does NOT matter.

Many shop for super low rise jeans that are too rigid because they believe it fits their body size. Maybe they don’t like what the size tag tells them. Several of my friends are like that, they tend to wear jeans that don’t fit their body shape and they are victims to the muffin top. It’s important you can breath rather than enduring the overflow look of jeans that are too small. You see, usually people don’t get to check the tag with your size on it. Even if you do get asked, you’re still better off as you know you’ve worked out the right fit for you.

The wash is important!

The fabric wash plays a big role. Brighter tones in the fabric can can put emphasis on your legs. If you have a thin frame this will do the trick. If you want a appear more slender, go for a dark colored wash. Be aware of areas that don’t look right. If your thighs are large, distressed jeans may be a good option. And pay attention to the new styles like ripped jeans, stone washes, bleached washes and even tattoos and embroidery. All of these can add a unique look to your jeans, which will let you stand out!

With these 5 tips in hand, you can now go get the perfect super low rise jeans. Good luck!