Things to Consider Before You Buy That Pool Cue – Essential Facts For Any Billiard Cue Shopper

Pool Cue Taper

The taper of the shaft describes how the cue itself gets smaller as it gets closer to the very tip of the stick. There are two kinds of tapers: “European” and “pro.” European means that the shaft gets slowly smaller throughout the entire length of the shaft. A Pro taper means that it stays a uniform thickness for a small part of the cue and starts to get smaller about ten to fifteen inches from the tip. A shorter taper makes for a stiffer hit. For most home players who want to play eight and nine ball in their home, you definitely are going to want to get a stick with a pro taper, preferably one between 12 and 14 inches.

Pool Cue Ferrule

The ferrule is what attaches the tip to the shaft of the cue, and as a result it takes in a lot of the power. The best ferrules are made of a high quality plastic material (or ivory in the case of antique pool cues). You might also think about buying some spare ferrules so that you can replace it when needed. in order to guarantee that your shots will be as powerful as possible.

Pool Cue Weight

The weight of a pool cue can be anywhere from 17 to 21 ounces. The weight of the cue can actually be adjusted, however, by changing out the weight bolt in the butt of the cue. Generally, the heavier the cue the harder the hit, but every player has their own personal preference regarding how heavy they want their cue. If you are looking for a stick that has a good balance between power and control, stick to one that is either 19 or 20 ounces in weight.

Billiard Cue Wrap

There are actually a lot of options in terms of what you can get on your wrap. Probably the most common and most popular is Irish linen, because it is a soft and highly graspable material. On a lot of cheaper pool cue sticks however, you often see nylon wraps that are designed to feel like Irish linen. If you want a cue with a bit of attitude, there exists a good selection of cues with leather wraps. Or if you want to grip onto the wood itself or just like the nice clean look of pure wood, you can choose a pool cue that has no wrap at all?

Billiard Cue Design

Choosing a billiard cue that looks good is important because you want to have a billiard cue that really matches your personality. Pay particular attention to the wood stains and the design of the inlay. If you are buying a cue for your home game room, you might even think about getting a cue that matches the stain of your actual pool table.