The Pros and Cons of Amazon

Amazon is one of the first affiliate programs that helped others make money online with affiliate marketing. They started out with books, but since then they have expanded their selection of products to almost anything that you can buy. Therefore amazon is a great affiliate program for you to join, but at the same time there are a few things which you may want to consider before joining. Here are a few pros and cons:


Easy to Get Started. Amazon has made it super easy for anyone to get started with making money online. The products are easy to find, and the ads are easy to incorporate into any blog or website. And the best part is that they even provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

Amazon Stores. Amazon allows you to open up to 100 amazon stores which you can link to from your blog, or you can incorporate the store onto your own website so that it blends in with the rest of your website. This basically helps your visitors to shop at ease, as they already trust your site.

Huge Selection of Products. I already mentioned this, but this is what makes Amazon so great. This basically means that no matter what market or niche you are in, Amazon will have products that you can promote either through banner ads or product links.


Low Referral Fees. Amazon has a low referral fee which starts at only 4%. This does not leave you with much revenue when you make a sale. However, this amount goes up to as much as 10% for certain products, and up to 15% when you sell Endless products. Therefore the more products you sell, the higher your referral fees will be.

One-Day-Cookie. Amazon has been bashed for the fact that they only have a one day cookie. This basically means that when someone clicks on your link today, but waits more than 24 hours to make the purchase, then you will not be paid for making the referral. This may sound like an unfair deal, but when you take a closer look it may not be so bad after all.

Suppose a shopper came to my site today and clicked through to a product on Amazon, but decided not to buy. Then tomorrow went to your website, and again clicked through to Amazon and made a purchase. If Amazon had the 30 day cookie, then I would have earned the revenue even though the customer made the purchase through your site. But since they only have a 1-day cookie, you earned the affiliate revenue. Therefore it evens out in the end.

So Amazon is definitely a great affiliate program for you to join whether you are a newbie or an experienced online marketer.