Salehoo Wholesaler – The Pros and Cons of Using a Wholesale Directory

Advertising and selling online is feasible. As profit is the main goal of all business, genuine products have to come from reliable sources. Wholesale suppliers are designed to give online shoppers peace of mind and competitive advantage. The question is: Will using an online wholesale directory be favorable to our online shoppers? The answer depends on the wholesaler or dropshipper. Experienced online sellers and importers leave honest feedbacks to the site for the shoppers to read. Any feedback is considered before shoppers invest in bulk orders of dropshipping products.

Salehoo is one example of an online wholesale directory. It is a sourcing community online that offers a wide range of wholesale transactions and other trade services. It also receives feedbacks from transactions – both good and bad. The thing that makes it a standout from other wholesalers is its safe means of transacting business for both online buyers and suppliers. As a wholesaler, Salehoo is included in the directory list for such services on the internet. As with other wholesale dropshippers, it charges a minimum one-time amount of membership before you can fully access its site. Most members get that “safe” feeling at Salehoo as they contact the suppliers and sometimes become trading partners. Though some online shoppers choose to look into “free” sites for fearing they will not get a good return of investment.

Most wholesale directories are frequently updated and can be accessed free of charge. Other directory lists do not charge for standard membership but in order to get full access of the site, a small fee is required. There may be disadvantages on this arrangement as some sites would even require the online shopper to download some unwanted files to their computer as a requirement to access their site. However, if the shopper is only looking for names of business partners, there will be no problem. In Salehoo, the membership fee can be worth an investment as you are guaranteed of legitimate sales transaction minus the hassle of personally being there. Members would not fear of engaging in any transaction that is illegitimate as wholesale directories do require real information from the seller and the buyer as well.

The wholesale directory list may be full of wholesalers and product dropshippers who are ready to meet online shoppers in order to make money – and make the most of it. Salehoo wholesaler meets only with serious buyers and suppliers. Other wholesalers in the directory list may give the shopper a poor deal. Some may give high wholesale prices for but rife of low quality products. Just be careful, bogus buyers and “joy bidders” usually would target suppliers who are not valid members of any wholesaler community.