Knowing More About Shopsite Manager and Shopsite Pro

Shopsite Manager

It is an online store making system-allowing merchants to maintain and build catalog of products and items to sell on the internet. Shopsite software comprises tools for site building and management, traffic statistics and sales, online order fulfillment and secures encrypted transactions.

It is for the small to medium sized businesses that begins marketing and selling of the products on the internet, or who has a website, but wants to sell their products online. For the professional web designers, it decreases the task of maintaining websites, therefore, allowing them to concentrate only on designing. It allows the merchant to make small changes without the help of a designer and create a complete website without the knowledge of HTML.

ShopSite Manager has intuitive and simple interface and provides features analogous to high-end packages at a reasonable price. Instead of spending hours a day to keep sites content fresh, a user can spend only few minutes with it. It is easy to customize site using it.

It is much more than a web page editor as it keeps the sales and product information in the databases. For example, if there are any changes in the price of the product in the database, the changes will occur in other pages as well. It also integrates scripts into the site, like visitor statistics and shopping basket.


Management tools and Store Creation

24-hour editing: Changes can be during anytime of the day and instantaneously activated.
Cross-platform: All clients need is a standard browser. No extra plug- ins or software are required.
Easy Data Entry: It is easy to use- it is similar to normal browsing.
Immediate media upload: Add sounds, movies, graphics or other media material using the upload features in the Netscape Navigator.
Unlimited Shopper: it does not limit the no. of potential customers who may use, access or purchase from the internet.
Shopsite pro
It is an ultimate shopping cart solution for all the small and medium sized online businesses. Using this shopsite software, you have all the features required for an online store, including other additional tools to make your store better. With all these facilities, it is affordable and easy to use.
It comprises of a built in HTML Editor so that you may edit text like product description. It automatically creates product information and store pages using your own custom templates or built in theme. There are different options for the products you want to sell, from selling digital products to offering product options pull down and bulk discounts. It allows you to offer incentives and promotions, with built in support for gift certificates, coupons, reward programs and more.
The customer registration feature of Shopsite pro allows the potential customers to save time when they return to place more order. Additionally, they can view prior orders or participate in various incentive programs such as special registered coupons for customers or rewards overtime.
It is easy to accept payments through Shopsite pro. You can accept payments by using online payment services such as Google Checkout or PayPal or from other payment gateways.