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Must-Have Amenities for Luxury Home Owners

When it comes to living in a luxury home, there’s no surprise that you want to have the best amenities known to man. Why shouldn’t you? Living a life of luxury means having regular access to those fine things that others simply don’t. Let’s take a look at the must-have amenities for luxury homes below.

Home Safe 

No matter how secure your home locks may be, it’s always important to take some extra security measures. Whether it’s for securing important documents, jewelry, or even cash, a safe is a must-have accessory for any luxury home. You can find many different styles at In fact, most manufacturers are making their safes so stylish they flow with the decor of the room and can be hidden in plain sight.

Wine Cellar 

You can’t have a luxury home without a wine cellar. Most homeowners devote a whole room in their homes into having a wine tasting area that is accompanied by storage units. These rooms make the perfect place to bring your guests that will create a calm and intimate atmosphere. A few key features that every luxury wine cellar should have are custom lighting, motorized racks, displayed bottles, and vintage ornaments.

Dressing Rooms 

Having a walk-in closet is no more the latest must. It has been replaced with the dressing room concept, which is essentially a much bigger walk in closet that harnesses additional room for dressing. These can have couches, mirrored makeup desks, and even mini bars. Dressing rooms are intended to keep your clothes out of your bedroom and in an orderly fashion within your dressing room. Most luxury houses offer a his and hers dressing rooms, so neither has to share their space.

Exercise Rooms 

You can’t forget about the exercise aspect of your lifestyle. There’s no need to run to the gym when you live in a luxury home. Instead, simply head down the hallway to your customized home gym. This is ideal for the avid exercise enthusiast as you can tailor the room around the specific things you enjoy using—for example: having weights, a punching bag, mini trampoline, or treadmill. Most homeowners are even outfitting their home gyms with mini fridges for water and televisions to catch the news while they workout.

Spa Style Bathroom

If there is one thing that most regular homes have in common, it’s the fact that the bathroom space is typically cramped. Usually, there’s only enough room for one person to be in the bathroom at a time. With a luxury home, you don’t have to limit yourself. Most homeowners are opting for a spa style bathroom. This is complete with a spa tub, standing showers with multiple heads, saunas, dual sinks, and an amazing view. These bathrooms tend to have tons of open space that give a more relaxing feel.

Luxury homeowners are seeking the very best when it comes to filling their home with the regular lifestyle amenities they need. If you own a luxury home or are thinking of investing in one, we encourage you to have these amenities installed in your home. These will give you a sense of pampering that you’ve never felt before.