Mystery Shoppers Enhance Tradeshow Performance

Everything’s perfect. The display is beautiful, your team is well-trained, you’ve got fantastic giveaway items and the best pre-show promotion you’ve ever had. This is going to be the absolute best tradeshow ever.

Are you sure? You might be the last person who can answer this question honestly. It’s not that you don’t want to — it’s that you can’t.

Let’s face it. After you’ve spent weeks, even months, planning, preparing and practicing your exhibit routine, you’re no longer objective. You’re too close to your work to see it as a stranger would. This is no fault of your own. It’s human nature. We can’t engage with our work and distance ourselves from it at the same time.

Yet it is critical that our tradeshow performance be excellent. Your organization’s financial well being depends in part of what attendees learn about your company from your exhibit. How will you know, at the end of the day, what they thought of your booth?

This is where the mystery shopper comes in. By stopping by your exhibit and doing a little covert surveillance, the mystery shopper can provide you with a critical and fair assessment of your performance.

This skilled professional will assess your booth on many levels. Was your team as polished as you thought they were? Was that clever signage really that funny? Did the giveaway items appeal or were they just so much more stuff to haul around the show floor? The mystery shopper can tell you.

Getting an objective opinion of your exhibit is one very valuable and valid reason to hire a mystery shopper. It’s not the only one. There’s another reason to consider hiring a mystery shopper, especially if you have a larger company with several display teams.

When the cat’s away, the mouse will play. It’s an old saying, with more than a little modern truth to it. Any time the boss is out of the office, for example, employees tend to slack off a little bit. It’s a good time to chat and surf the web.

What happens when it’s not the boss who’s away, but the employees? If you’ve packed up your sales team and shipped them across the country to a tradeshow, how do you know they’re performing up to your standards?

We all like to hope that professionalism and responsibility will carry the day. Employees who do a good job all the rest of the year will probably continue to do well in the tradeshow environment. It might be a safe bet — but do you want to take chances with your company’s reputation?

If the answer to that question is no, you have a few options.

The first is to go to the show yourself, and keep an eye on things. If you can’t go, you could delegate this duty to a trusted supervisor.

If that doesn’t work, or you want a wholly objective opinion, you can hire a mystery shopper. Mystery shoppers walk the show floor, and will visit your display. Without identifying themselves, they assess your team’s performance. Were they greeted promptly? Did your team ask qualifying questions? Was the level of professionalism and product knowledge displayed in keeping with your company’s expectations?

The mystery shopper will let you know. These professionals are not only objective, the best ones are well versed in what makes an effective tradeshow exhibit. Simply knowing that a mystery shopper will be stopping by the booth can act as a de facto ‘cat’ for your booth staffers. When they don’t know who the important attendee they have to impress is, all attendees become important. That’s good news for your company!

You might also opt not to let your team know about the mystery shopper. This way, the mystery shopper will get to assess the exhibit as it really is, without any special pretense or put-on behaviors. If your team is doing a good job, the mystery shopper will see that. If things aren’t as you might wish them to be, the mystery shopper will see that too.

The mystery shopper can let you know of any performance problems. The first step to improved performance is to have an accurate assessment of the current exhibiting situation. This assessment will allow you to identify weak areas and pinpoint performance problems — information that’s critical to have if you want to formulate solutions. That’s what a mystery shopper can provide.

From critical exhibit assessment to objective performance review, the mystery shopper provides a critical service to the exhibitor. Everyone can benefit from having a fresh set of eyes on them, from fledgling exhibitors to the ‘old pros’. Consider having a mystery shopper work with you on your next show. You’ll be amazed what you can learn.

Cyber Monday Macbook Pro Deals

If you are anything like me you are always on the look out for a great deal.

People like us look forward to the holidays not only for the typical reasons of spending time with family and friends, or taking in the sights of beautiful Christmas decorations, or just partaking in the spirit of Christmas in general, but we also look forward to the holidays because of the unbelievable shopping deals we can get on the hottest products. For some of us, we’ve been waiting all year long to take advantage these specials.

And now Macbook lovers can get even more excited about the awesome Cyber Monday Macbook Pro deals available online.

Cyber Monday has evolved into a very eagerly anticipated day to get the best online deals on the items on your Christmas list; therefore vendors and manufactures have accommodated online shoppers by offering fantastic deals and even coupons. Now you can shop for Christmas online and save big!

The Macbook Pro is among the hottest products to get a great deal on this Christmas. The typical price for one runs anywhere from $900 to $2100 dollars, but on Cyber Monday the price will be 22 to 25 percent below its normal price. In most cases, this percetage off will have you spending anywhere from $200 to $500 dollars LESS than you normally would. Now that’s exciting.

I have surfed the net high and low for sites that have these types of Cyber Monday Macbook Pro deals and have come across a few that are offering bargain prices on the Macbook Pro and its accessories.

MacBook Pro 13 Discounts Enable For Great Savings

Apple’s MacBook Pro 13 is a very new entrant in the market – it is yet to celebrate its first birthday – and is packed with many amazing features for a laptop of its size. This is the laptop that ensures that you productivity is not any way inhibited because of the powerful features it is packed with. Speed is guaranteed as the laptop has a 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 processor and you have acres of storage space. The standard memory that you get with this product is 2GB but you have the option of upgrading to 4GB. It also has a 250GB hard drive which is also expandable up to 500GB.

The retail price if this laptop is about $1000 but savings can be made when you take advantage of MacBook Pro 13 discounts. There are various ways through which you could make sure that you do not pay the full price for this great product. You could, for example, take advantage of the discounts offered by Apple on this and other of its products during the holiday seasons. Apple’s Thanksgiving Day promotion enables purchasers to make substantial savings on most of the products. Thanksgiving discounts are available for a full day on the day after Thanksgiving and timing your purchase around that time would be a great idea.

This sleek, light and thin product has special appeal for students as its portability allows them to carry it to the library and on bus ride home. Students and other members of educational institutions get to benefit greatly from the discounted prices that Apple offers through its Educational discount program. Those who use this program make savings that could be as high as 15%. Of course Apple has set measures to safeguard the system against abuse by requiring that beneficiaries of the program provide bona fide identifying documents. Educational discounts are available on some campuses where Apple has stores but they are also available online making them extremely accessible.

Talking of online accessibility, this is the ideal way to buy today. Purchasing online saves your time and money. What is even more enticing about this purchase method is that there are discounts which are only available to online buyers. By obtaining MacBook Pro 13 discounts, which are available online, the buyer makes savings which are not available to retail store shoppers. Perhaps the only drawback with online buying is the waiting time but you could go round that with proper planning.

The Most Common Types of Online Shoppers

You may call yourself an online shopper, but are you really a pro? The following classes of online shoppers have fine-tuned their skills in an effort to save money every day in every way possible on their web-based purchases. Check out the list below and see if YOU fall into any of these categories.

The Early Riser

You’re going to have to get up pretty early to beat the Early Riser to a sale. They roll out of bed and head straight over to their PC, where they descend upon discount deal of the day websites that offers a limited quantity of products at ridiculously close prices. These shoppers have been known to stay in every night in order to get enough sleep to beat the competition to their mouse.

The Price Obsessed

You’ll never catch the Price Obsessed shopper scoring anything less that the best deal on the web for their desired product. The Price Obsessed shopper knows how to utilize the tools found on the web that allow them lay different prices side-by-side in order to see which is the best deal.

The Early Holiday Shopper

There’s no such thing as the “holiday season” to the Holiday Shopper. That’s because starting December 26th, they are already online, looking for NEXT year’s great gifts for friends and family. The Early Holiday Shopper knows that there a amazing deals right after the holidays on everything from shoes to electronics, and that there are a seemingly endless string of daily bargains throughout the year for the well-informed and attentive shopper.

The Gadget Head

The Gadget Head, once thought to be a predominantly male species is, in actuality, any man or woman who searches the web diligently, looking for the latest home and business electronics products. Their purchases can run the gamut from discount flash drives at deal of the day websites to big screen plasma TVs available through third parties and big box retailers. Whatever their favorite products may be, count on the Gadget Head to be out there 24/7 looking for the best electronics deals.

The Free Shipping Hunter

The Free Shipping Hunter has never paid dime-one to have an order shipped their way. They wait and search and dig until they come across those sites that offer free shipping on their orders. Patience usually favors the Free Shipping Hunter, as many online retailers will run shipping promotions throughout the year in an effort to boost sales.

The Impulse Shopper

Whether or not the item in front of him is a good deal or not, the Impulse Shopper is going to click “Proceed to Checkout” almost every single time. This is one model of online shopper that you must not emulate. While the web makes it incredibly easy to purchase an item, that doesn’t mean every one is suitable for purchase. Take advantage of the ability to comparison shop or find great deals online. Otherwise, your credit card statement could start to resemble that of the Impulse Shopper – which is to say it would be 20 pages long!